Saree in Pakistani fashion

Saree is the most prevalent fashion in india. But in pakistan women also love to wear saree as it looks amazing and elegant. Saree enhances the personality of women, both girls and women are willing to go for saree for various occasions. Saree is available in various charming and dazzling colors and in stuffs like cotton, shafoon, silk, jamawar and palachi.
It makes the personality more elegant and stylish. It is typically traditional in its style containing blouse and saree itself.
Saree is famous and being worn in the countries like: India, Sri lanka and Pakistan. In India, saree is the national dress for women but in Pakistan, women have also adopted saree in fashionable dressing. Saree is the best fancy dress to be worn in the functions like party and wedding ceremonies. Even business women and many professional ladies prefer to wear saree during office hours.
Fashion designers have designed innovative and colorful saree dresses to provide a wide range of choice to women for the functions they need to attend. Saree looks amazing and give elegant look to its wearer.
Saree is mostly worn by married women but young unmarried girls also prefer to wear it. Saree is available in both casual and formal style. In its casual style, saree is available in simple form without much embellishment of beads and heavy work on it where as in its formal style saree is adorned with heavy work like: beads, sitarey moti, dabka, lace etc. And such kind of formal saree style is suitable for functions and ceremonies. Saree's border is the part that adds more in its unique style.

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